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    Driving lessons in Billericay

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Frequently asked questions

We've put together some frequently asked questions (FAQ's) about learning to drive.

If you have any questions not answered on this page, simply give us a call or ask Aflie on your first driving lesson!

Or take a look at the rest of our tips pages for videos and other useful links.

Can I start driving lessons before my 17th Birthday?

For some people with specific disabilities, they are able to start learning to drive in a car at 16. However, everyone else can only start learning to drive once they are 17 years old. You can apply for your provisional licence up to 3 months before your 17th birthday.

At 16 years old, once you have a provisional licence and have completed CBT (Compulsory Basic Training), you can drive a moped or scooter (with an engine up to 50cc at a max speed 28mph) on the road while you practice for your full test. 


Do I have to learn to drive a manual car or can I learn to drive in an automatic?

Currently we only provide lessons in cars with manual transmissions. However, learning to drive a manual transmission allows your drive an automatic within your license.

Should I learn to drive before I go to university

Generally learning to drive at your earliest opportunity is advised as you have more time to commit and less commitments/stress. After university you're likely to be working full time with less time and other commitments, hindering your availability to take driving lessons.

How long does the theory test certificate last?

Once you have passed the driving theory test for cars and motorcycles, it is valid for two years from the date you pass your test. Therefore you have two years to pass the practical driving test, otherwise you will need to resit the theoretical driving test.

Do I need a tax disc for my car?

After October 2014 you will no longer need a paper tax disc displayed in your vehicle as all information is now stored online.

Will my driving test be cancelled if there is bad weather?

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) is unlikely to carry out a driving test in bad weather conditions (such as ice, snow, excessive rain or fog) if they feel it will be unsafe for the driver and examiner. If the weather is bad in the morning, the test centre will monitor conditions and afternoon tests could still go on, so ring the test centre to be sure!

If it is the day of your test and there is ice or snow on the roads near you, ring the test centre.

If your test does get cancelled then the test centre will reschedule at no extra cost to you. This usually happens within about 3 working days but can take longer if the bad weather continues.

Where can I buy car insurance?

There a number of providers of car insurance, but you must ensure that you have insurance before you drive another vehicle such as your parents car.

We accept no responsibility for the accuracy of information on third party websites, nor can we be held responsible for any issues pertaining to the purchase of insurance from these sites.