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The car practical driving test

Find out what's involved in the practical driving test

The practical driving test seems to some people to be very daunting and nerve racking, but it does not need to be.

Provided that you are fully prepared for it, the more confident you will feel and you can take your driving instructor with you.

What's involved?

The test consists of a drive of approximately 40 – 45 minutes depending on road, traffic and weather conditions.  You will be asked 2 simple questions on the “Show me tell me” part of the exam. You will be given a copy of all the DSA questions /answers by Alfie.

The examiner will explain about the test and ask if you have any questions. Feel free to ask the examiner anything that you are not sure of.

You will be asked to perform 1 manoeuvre, an independent drive, and possibly an emergency stop.

On the day

Routes will involve driving in town, rural and possibly dual carriageways, so it important that you are ready for the test. BDC driving school can give their pupils a mock test as aprt of the preparation for the test.

On the day of your practical driving test you will check the necessary documents with Alfie before setting off for the test centre. You will arrive at the test centre in ample time to relax. At the designated time the examiner will come from the office and introduce himself/herself.

You will be asked to confirm your present address, to read and sign the insurance declaration.

You will also be asked if you would like your instructor to accompany you on the driving test, or would you like the instructor to listen into the debriefing after the conclusion of the test. The choice is completely yours.

Outside the test centre you will be asked to read a vehicle number plate (20.5 metres away) and proceed to your car.

Upon leaving the test centre you will be given directional instructions, and to follow the road straight ahead, unless you are instructed otherwise. Again if you are unsure feel free to ask the examiner. (They are not there to fail you)! 

As part of your driving lessons you will learn the skills that the examiner will test you on, as well as typical routes used to falimiarise yourself and feel comfortable.